Freenight said:
Here's our snag. I am not thinking in the terms of BD, DS or even SM. I want to hurt people. I wish to carve them as one would carve a meat, except while they are alive. I wish to draw blood, gnaw on bones, step on nerves, trod upon dignities, break wills and release the souls. After I have derived enough pleasure from the persons of course.
well that would be the 'S,' sadism

you actually want to do those things? riiight so i feel that your wish is rather probably realize that...

if i could change your mind, i would. you definitely come off to me as the kind of person who would have been a nazi scientist. i wonder if you have ever tried to change your transcend your own fantasies. if you haven't, then i say you are surely misguided, and if you have then i say you are merely trippin out and should probably go hug a tree or something

remember man, peace is the name of the game here...if you don't understand that, then i really don't know what to say