uh huh...NO you can't do that! >:O

that's not peaceful, that's messed up and certainly debased. that is the kind of action that would elicit j retaliation from an otherwise peaceful person. the rule of a peaceful world is we must all be able to live in harmony and actions like that definitely upset the balance.

desires such as yours might not be able to be justifiably satisfied on the physical plane...our lives here are too fragile, we aren't yet demi gods and as such there's just no way that crushing someone's fingers is an alright course of action even if it's consensual.

only way i could see it being okay is if you and your partner both had bodies that regenerated instantly :) buuuut good luck with that buddy!!! if we're talking the real world, chances are you just cannot do that stuff and as such you should...~curb your enthusiasm~