I don't know if it will help but if you want to look at danbooru, the site has this tag.
danbooru is blocked in my country
Then I suggest taking any picture you like, slapping it in to paint or something for editing it, and typing "Thank You" on it yourself.
I'm looking for a relatively low detail, red and black, rating q or e, post of a mainstream series that I can set my car's wallpaper to when I go to cons.
me and a group of friends are making a completely uncensored NSFW version of the Nisekoi anime and inserting it into the actual episodes by nude filtering them. My friend wants to upload a sample video of the nisekoi project but we need to uncensor the breasts and genitals in this picture first.


Would someone please be willing to remove the steam from in front of her body? You don't need to remove it completely if you draw her body over top of it the steam will appear as if it is behind her.

One more note if you could please? It might be a little difficult because of how she is standing, but if you could make sure you can see/draw her genitals. Even it if you have to get creative or it isn't completely accurate it doesn't need to be perfect. though.

Thank you to anyone who can help with the wonderful Onodera! We already had the wonderful Chitoge's scene completed a few weeks ago.

We're also willing to do paid requests (we pay you), too, just message us about it, please.

Thank you everyone!