I don't know if it will help but if you want to look at danbooru, the site has this tag.
danbooru is blocked in my country
Then I suggest taking any picture you like, slapping it in to paint or something for editing it, and typing "Thank You" on it yourself.
I'm looking for a relatively low detail, red and black, rating q or e, post of a mainstream series that I can set my car's wallpaper to when I go to cons.
me and a group of friends are making a completely uncensored NSFW version of the Nisekoi anime and inserting it into the actual episodes by nude filtering them. My friend wants to upload a sample video of the nisekoi project but we need to uncensor the breasts and genitals in this picture first.


Would someone please be willing to remove the steam from in front of her body? You don't need to remove it completely if you draw her body over top of it the steam will appear as if it is behind her.

One more note if you could please? It might be a little difficult because of how she is standing, but if you could make sure you can see/draw her genitals. Even it if you have to get creative or it isn't completely accurate it doesn't need to be perfect. though.

Thank you to anyone who can help with the wonderful Onodera! We already had the wonderful Chitoge's scene completed a few weeks ago.

We're also willing to do paid requests (we pay you), too, just message us about it, please.

Thank you everyone!
Hello, I don't know if this is the right thread for what I would like to ask

I'm looking for a wallpaper that I saw 3 or 4 months ago, I forgot to save it on my hdd and now I can't find it again here on the site. (maybe it was deleted) I remember that the image had comments, but I can't find it in the comment history above.

The wallpaper was of a young man carrying a loli in his arms, she had long hair and a dress (I don't remember the color).

I know it must be impossible to find an image that was deleted, but maybe someone who has saved it and has it can pass it to me. Thanks
That is not descriptive enough, there are many images like that. Akasu,try this search male loli dress, it will bring up 4 pages of images. Also this search male loli summer_dress and this search male loli long_hair. In the future, vote for images you like, you can search back through images on which you voted.
I've already searched using those tags the other days and I couldn't find it.

As the description does not help much, I drew an "example" of how the image was, to make it more illustrative.


Yes, I know, I'm horrible drawing. but if someone who saved the image and has it, maybe he would recognize it.
I actually think I know what this is. Let me try to find it.


Yes, that's the image I was looking for, I thought it had been deleted. I thought that wallpaper had been uploaded this year but I see that it is 3 years old.

thank you otaku_emmy!!

curiously kiho had commented on the image I was looking for
You're very welcome!

I remembered it well because, when it was first uploaded, I thought it was a kinda creepy image. But it was also in my favorites because it's stinkin' cute. And, somehow, I had also correctly remembered it was a character from Cinderella Girls.

Just got a good memory, I guess. :p
I tried searching earlier, but all the tag combinations I checked included the male tag. I didn't take into consideration our policy of leaving VN "faceless males" untagged.

Akasu said:
but if someone who saved the image and has it, maybe he would recognize it.
Thankfully it was indeed recognized by a certain someone above - but not by a he =P
Akasu's drawing actually helped a whole lot. I instantly recognized it.
minabiStrikesAgain said:
Thankfully it was indeed recognized by a certain someone above - but not by a he =P
I made that mistake because I don't know write english well.
sorry if my english was very bad.
Oh, no, your English is almost flawless. (Not quite, but close.)
Akasu said:
I made that mistake because I don't know (HERE) write english well.
sorry if my english was very bad.
Just place 'how to' where i wrote (HERE)
Pls help me if you know the pic/author.
I believe it’s a relatively dated illustration hosted in this site (or yande.re?) which was probably uploaded several years ago, but the art style is clearly mainstream 10s. There’s a ninja-like girl squatting inside a Sci-Fi-ish facility, and she constitutes the major part of the picture. She wears a leotard-like uniform but probably with the belly exposed, and her pit of the stomach and the bump of peripheral ribs are clearly illustrated. She could be holding a knife or sword or so, and probably wearing a pair of nekomimi IIRC. She probably has long dark-toned hair IIRC. Another work by the same author includes a similar girl jumped into the air to dodge laser security system IIRC (and she also constitutes the major part of the picture).
I’m not sure if the picture were properly tagged, and that author’s works probably haven’t been uploaded to many other image sites.