@Kiho/omnibus: Here. It's a tag that was made for an artbook ("The New Generation of Manga Artists Vol. 4: The Omnibus Collection") by mistake instead of a pool. I intended to finish converting it to a pool; the tag is just there to keep track of the images until I did that. Bah, I'll just do it now.

Although many of the images in it are eligible for deletion too... I'll handle that as well.

(I've got to step up my game on here if I'm going to compete with Kiho, it seems.... <.< =D )

Edit: Pretty much finished. Waiting to hear back from the Zolkster about one particular image with potential for uploading to replace one here on Konachan, and everything else is complete; no more posts remain with the omnibus tag. Here's the new pool; I set the page numbers of its images to correspond to their page numbers (or the number of their derivative image, for wallpapers/composites) in the artbook.

Double edit @traz: It's a moot point, since in the artist's self introduction on their pixiv profile, they request that people refrain from uploading their artworks on other websites. So in accordance with that, I'd think we would remove the ones already present here. (Which is a bummer, they're quite the artist. >.< )