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What best program for drawings?
Yo i need to create some images digital 4 myself and don't a program on my new laptop yet. I can't transfer photoshop cs to my new computer so i guess i need to get another program. What would you recommand and why?
A lot of artists use ペイントツールSAI:
It's around $55 or so, and available in English, too.
haha thanks this program very esay using
If anyone wants this program, I have a version of this that is ©RaCk3d , just join #konachan on and pm me, I'll give upload it to somewhere for you. ^^
Zomg I want a copy please! X_X

Would it be okay if you put it up on a site like megaupload or rapidshare then pass on the link? O_O"
Come on IRC... :P
The only problem with this is, that it seems to crash sometimes or not able to save... (This happened to people using the legit ones, when I googled it...)

<edit> Ah I see how it is... leave the channel right after I gave it to you, eh?