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[GIVEAWAY] J-list Japanese Snack Box monthly giveaway! (November)
Snacks wooo! We will be giving away one Japanese Snack Box [link broke when they changed site, I'll replace it as soon as I can] for the month of November)! This is a RANDOM BOX OF SNACKS! It's different every month.

The first month (April) was random draw. The next two months (May and June) ware random draw again BUT we had a quota for participants to fill by the end of the month (or to be precise two days before the month ends). These quotas were discussed in this thread. July involved sharing some creative works with everyone. August and September were random yet again and so was October. We're sticking to this since I am still a believer of the "get as many participants as you can".

This month we'll have no quotas or limits, it will be truly random draw!

To share your interest in this month's giveaway please tell us what your dream occupation is! Anything out of Anime/Movies/Games/Books works! Anything at all, as long as it's an occupation of sorts! Go wild! Bonus hugs if you share a matching image!

The night of October 31st we'll pick a random participant out of everyone who will be required to provide the information below. DO NOTE - you do not need to send information if you're not the winner.

If you win you have the next two days (roughly 48 hours) to provide this information so that I can relay it to J-list on the 2nd September:

  • Accurate email adress
  • Mailing Adress
  • Name
You will be required to send this information to me so that I can pass it on to J-list. There are no codes like previous giveaways we've done. This is going to be directly sent so make sure the information you provide is accurate. Rest assured that the information provided will not be used for anything other then to give J-list a recipient for this box. Your personal information is safe with us.

Keep in mind that delivery times might vary depending on amount of orders that J-list has to process at the time.

Winners will be unable to win again for 12 months. Our six winners up to this point are Flandre93, Artwork, otaku_emmy, Stealthbird97, Wiresetc, Traz64 and HarukaNanase.

EVERYONE IS ELIGIBLE TO ENTER! There are no age restrictions and all staff can participate in the giveaway as well!

Please send any questions or inquiries directly to me here or on [email protected] (Please use Dmail instead of replying to this topic with questions. Any non-entries or repeated entries will be cleared in order to keep everything tidy).

All of the ideas in the discussion topic (found here) are being taken into account. If you have further comments or ideas you can send them directly to me or keep posting in that topic. It will remain open for the time being.

We are continuing to experiment with the best way to give out these boxes. None of this is a finite version of the giveaway and we might do something different each month. I will try and stay true to the "Random Draw" principle but we might try some fun stuff like Art Contests and the like. Again, if you have any ideas let us know here!

I keep saying we might return to the Quota limits but I really think truly random draw is the best way to go about it. Please let me know how you feel about it either in that thread or in a Dmail to me. Haven't figured it out what's best just yet. :P If you got fun ideas of what we can do - share!

Good luck!

P.S. Can I ask all of the winners thus far send me a message (yet again) on the site letting me know if they have received their box. Thanks! I really am sorry for continually asking about this but it's aggravating me just as much as it is you... I'll do everything I can to try and get it resolved.
No one have entered yet? Welp this getting less and less popular by the month xD

My dream occupation in anime/movie/game huh... I suppose a writer of some sorts. I guess I would be then a LN writer or a writer in anime/VN/game. Pitching "crazy" ideas and try to write the best thing out there. Oh in case my work gets adapted in another medium I wanted to be closely involved with the adaption so it can be so faithful as it can to the original source material.
I saw this and forgot about it xD
My dream ocupation would be some kind of research on modify the human body, be it cyborgs, demihumans, etc.
Oh, I'm surprised to see there are not many entries.
Regarding the question, I think a job in the Anime industry would be fun for sure. I can't draw or write though so maybe something along the lines of CG? Seeing as technology is advancing fast and CG is becoming more and more popular this might actually be a really cool thing to do.
Now, I'm going to criticize Aradan's dream job. I approve of it, but.... your view doesn't go where it should. It's all about the nano, Aradan. Make nano stuff that makes nano stuff. And you have a repair protocol. False immortal confirmed. The idea is to make that small of an electronic device. The only way to engineer a human body is through nanomachinery. While, at the same time figure out how to transform atoms into other atoms. Then, you really can survive through pretty much anything if you have atoms near you.
Congrats! golden_darkness has just been created!

A real real dream job would be in the manga/anime/VN industry. Even western games would do just fine! So long as it's something you like, no?
Now, a more realistic dream job would be an R&D job in theoretical physics with added experimental physics. All that coming with a good salary.
My dream occupation/job
I always wanted to be a music producer. And combine rock with EDM.
Like steve aoki with linkin park. Go to a lot places and do concerts. Thats will be just a good job. But another dream is just to have a simple job. And live peacefully with my future wife and 2 kids. Thats the best job i can ask. Be a father ^^

P.D I just turn 20 years and i like having the numbre zero in my age and i dont know why jejeje
Dream job would be to write fantasy fiction, with an adult edge without being tiresome. If I had skills, I would include graphic panels, although graphic novels seem to be too particular and punctiliar or my personal tastes.
Nearly done with the schooling to get my dream job as a Game Designer. XD

I'd really love to work with Rockstar on GTA 6 or maybe go other to Beth and work on the Tes games. My biggest hurdle is going to be getting my foot in the door. My plan for that is after I finish school, get a small local job to start paying loans off so I'm you know not thrown in jail, than work on a small project to get on steam and used that as my way in.
My dream job would most likely be a Japanese to English translator working for localization.

The reason being that I want to help connect English Readers/Viewers with high quality Japanese entertainment. I'm already set on learning the language both spoken and written so I very well could proceed with my dream job. Most likely I would actually get a job dealing with computers/tech and try helping out scanlation groups as a hobby.
In 3 years, my dream job will become my actual job!! That is starting my own company working with automation. I'm not really sure about specific fields or anything, but one thing is for sure, I'm an entrepreneur so I'll build the future!

Well my dream occupation would be to travel across the 50 states blogging about my food journeys then travel across the regions of japan and blogging about my food and site adventures. I just sighed just thinking about it. I would love to be paied to eat and blog.