sùzù said:
Depending what the compound is, I'd prefer to be alone. I fully trust myself. I can't always say the same about other people. If there was somebody you knew you could trust completely that would certainly be nice but for many it's wishful thinking.
Just my words. Even though people don't recommend me doing so, I prefer being alone in such situations. It allows me to fully embrace what's happening and not have to worry what everyone else is doing at the time.

I don't believe seeking or wanting happiness qualifies as hedonistic.
You think? Oh, but I'd very much say that it does. There are many different schools of thought regarding Hedonism, the problem is that most of them date back to the 14'th CE and some even go all the way back from several hundreds of years before christ.

But there is one guy; Michel Onfray who I think has pictured his Hedonism quite like I do mine. He says that:

"In opposition to the ascetic ideal advocated by the dominant school of thought, hedonism suggests identifying the highest good with your own pleasure and that of others; the one must never be indulged at the expense of sacrificing the other. Obtaining this balance – my pleasure at the same time as the pleasure of others – presumes that we approach the subject from different angles – political, ethical, aesthetic, erotic, bioethical, pedagogical, historiographical…."

Even though I've slightly tweaked my own idea of Hedonism to fit my needs in accordance with my illness, which to some extend is all the more reason for my seeking pleasure. However, I'm not trying to keep it all to myself, I'd love to share it with whomever should be interested.

I understand but profiling yourself just for enjoying something is probably a little bit exaggerated and unnecessary.
Don't you worry, Hedonism is just a little part of me and my lifestyle.