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Blurry/Pixelated Images on a PC.
Hi Guys,

I'm sort of in a dilemma here, whenever I try to download an image in either Konachan net/com, I always get some notable pixels on the image (I'm not familiar with the term), which results in it being blurry, my current browsers are Chrome and Firefox which happens to both, no special Extensions or anything, tried clearing cache and resetting but results the same, I always select 'Download larger version PNG/JPG'. My Internet connection is stable, so when an Image loads it never gets interrupted. Stills happens even if the resolution is bigger or as big as my monitor, no issues with the monitor also, it's one of those fancy IPS shite from Samsung.

So here's where it gets weird, while I am aware to some posts are just blurry/pixelated depending on the quality, whenever I download the same images on an iMac, they're not that blurry/pixelated, and the overall quality is good even if it's a smaller resolution than the iMac, also, I'm using Safari on the iMac.

Any thoughts on this guys?
Can you maybe reupload the images you downloaded somewhere else so we can see them? Preferably also tell us the post ID of the image you downloaded to save us searching.
It wouldn't have anything to do with this site. You should be having the same problem with all images on that computer (though it would be more noticeable with anime style images rather than photos).

  • If images look blurry in you browser but not in other programs, reset your browser's zoom level.
  • If images look blurry on you computer but text looks clear, it's probably an issue with your visibility settings such as "custom scaling level".
  • If you think text might be blurry as well, make sure your display resolution is set to your monitor's native resolution.
If you need help finding any of the settings I mentioned, tell us what OS you are using.