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[GIVEAWAY] J-list Japanese Snack Box monthly giveaway! (January 2016)
New year and Snacks wooo! We will be giving away one Japanese Snack Box for the month of December! This is a RANDOM BOX OF SNACKS! It's different every month.

The first month (April) was random draw. The next two months (May and June) ware random draw again BUT we had a quota for participants to fill by the end of the month (or to be precise two days before the month ends). These quotas were discussed in this thread. July involved sharing some creative works with everyone. August and September were random yet again and so were October,November and December. Same this month since I simply think it's the most fair!

This month we'll have no quotas or limits, it will be truly random draw!

To share your interest in this giveaway share what your ideal christmas gift would be! Fantasy or not! :D

The night of January the 2nd we'll pick a random participant out of everyone who will be required to provide the information below. DO NOTE - you do not need to send information if you're not the winner.

If you win you have the next two days (roughly 48 hours) to provide this information so that I can relay it to J-list on the 2-4th January.

  • Accurate email adress
  • Mailing Adress
  • Name
You will be required to send this information to me so that I can pass it on to J-list. There are no codes like previous giveaways we've done. This is going to be directly sent so make sure the information you provide is accurate. Rest assured that the information provided will not be used for anything other then to give J-list a recipient for this box. Your personal information is safe with us.

Keep in mind that delivery times might vary depending on amount of orders that J-list has to process at the time.

Winners will be unable to win again for 12 months. Our six winners up to this point are Flandre93, Artwork, otaku_emmy, Stealthbird97, Wiresetc, Traz64, HarukaNanase,aradan and kuma007.

EVERYONE IS ELIGIBLE TO ENTER! There are no age restrictions and all staff can participate in the giveaway as well!

Please send any questions or inquiries directly to me here or on [email protected] (Please use Dmail instead of replying to this topic with questions. Any non-entries or repeated entries will be cleared in order to keep everything tidy).

All of the ideas in the discussion topic (found here) are being taken into account. If you have further comments or ideas you can send them directly to me or keep posting in that topic. It will remain open for the time being.

We are continuing to experiment with the best way to give out these boxes. None of this is a finite version of the giveaway and we might do something different each month. I will try and stay true to the "Random Draw" principle but we might try some fun stuff like Art Contests and the like. Again, if you have any ideas let us know here!

I keep saying we might return to the Quota limits but I really think truly random draw is the best way to go about it. Please let me know how you feel about it either in that thread or in a Dmail to me. Haven't figured it out what's best just yet. :P If you got fun ideas of what we can do - share!

Good luck! :D
The blessing of God.

Otherwise, Makise Kurisu wrapped up as a gift on my bed! Kuhuhuh! The 'science' we could do together! And Maho too!

edit: in order to not make excess entries, I'll be writing my posts in edits here.

You misunderstand. The gifting part, I'm unsure where it came from. But I can make an accurate guess on the three... kings, things that gifted stuff to Jesus at his birth in Bethlehem. So it started there, but capitalism took it out of proportions.
A Catholic Christmas, if not Christian, would entail going to church in the morning of the 25th of December and eating with your family afterwards, after giving your prayers. That's what I've been doing so far.
As I said, the entire gift this to that, expensive stuff crap, got entangled with capitalism, where patrons are profiting a lot from it.
To put it short, Christmas is a time for family and celebrating the birth of Jesus with a family feast/dinner/lunch. Gifting is merely optional.
Hmm the best Christmas gift...I normally like christmas gifts that are useful, so stuff like a G27 steering wheel, or a new computer, heck even a new game pad would be useful since my current 10 year old logitech one is starting to die.

If I really wanted to stretch it, free healthcare would be nice since I don't have any, or maybe santa paying my student loans off before I become life long indebted. That would be awesome.
Hmm.. That's a hard question... Why? Because when anyone ask me what I want for Christmas, I reply that I don't know. Seriously. Maybe a new pc? Nah, I stare at the screen the almost the whole day.. New phone? Why? Mine is enough and I don't play extreme games here.. Other stuff? I think I don't need it :-D

I won't start talking boring things about non materialistic present (like girlfriend :3 ) and other stuff. Better turn on the fantasy :)

Soo.... a great gift would be. .. uuum..

*After 2 minutes*


*After more time*

F**k it. I don't have a good fantasy. So, a new PC would be perfect xD (to change my 10 years old laptop)

P.S. I bet that after posting this so many ideas will come to my mind.. :P Good things come to my mind only when it is too late :)
I would really like to receive a bookshelf of universally praised books. The main reason being that I've pretty much already played many great games and watched/read a ton of good anime/manga. My next medium for entertainment should most likely be books seeing as I haven't read in years.
I am a person who don't really celebrate Christmas. My family does very much so though and all throughout my childhood we would celebrate it at my grandmother's (on my mother's side) place every other year, and at my grandfather's (on my father's side) the others years.

I think it is a waste of time to decorate the whole house with Christmas trees, snow landscape and all of santa's little helpers, just to take it all down again the next month.

I do not enjoy competition so I feel totally out of place playing that annual dice game with small gifts (it might be a danish tradition) where the whole family gathers around a table with 3 euro gifts and compete on time to steal these gifts from one another and the winner is the one with the most gifts at the end. I wholeheartedly hate the idea of stealing gifts from other people, so I always just gave away my gifts after the game.

And then dance around the tree looking like fools trying to remember the old Christmas songs we used to sing as kids. Then it was time to sit for hours and hours and unwrap the mountain of gifts from under the tree... One... At... A... Time........ Maan, like seriously?! Little Jimmy was in the other room crying because he could not wait and had already went ahead and unwrapped his gifts and the adults got angry with him.. Way to keep up the nice Christmas spirit..

December is just another month for me and I have chosen not to bye gifts for my family and so I do not really receive any either.

What I wish for is a nice evening, where I can sit and have a nice chat with everybody, enjoy some booze, eat waaaaaay too much grilled duck and roasted pork, listen to some good music, dance and have a blast. Let's throw a party instead of celebrating the trouble we face every morning because our cars are covered in snow...

If I had to wish for something for my own egoistic sake, I think I would wish for the right girl to cross my path so that I can enjoy the evening with her.

By all means, I have no intention of degrading Christianity or Christmas ;)
I guess I'll full fantasy and ask for the tardis and the knowledge to pilot it. I was thinking of being like a trip to Japannnn! But then I realized I could just use the tardis for traveling. And I'd to live reaalllyy long (and be healthy), because in my fantasy Santa can give out whatever I want. Oh. It'd be nice to have a castle with a library too though. I should just stop or I'll just keep thinking of more.
Well, if you could wish for anything, then why not an Entabulator! I would settle though for being able to ad lib such a monologue :)
I really lack creativity when it comes to thinking of presents. What I need the most right now is probably some kind of storage medium like an external harddrive or whatever because I'm running out of space fast. This may be a waste of the oppurtinity to wish for anything but I guess it would be a great gift at the moment. The bigger, the better of course.
A new series or two of Sci-fi and/or Fantasy to read through. Planning on chewing through a shelf of back logged books this holiday season. A week or two to spend with my Grandmother, who is getting on in her years and I've not seen in a number of years.

Or on a purely materialistic bent, a box of 4TB drives to upgrade my storage array, a lego deathstar, and millennium falcon