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[GIVEAWAY WINNERS] Christmas Giveaway + Monthly Giveaway for January
This time I'm here to announce 4 winners for our two giveaways - the annual Christmas giveaway and the monthly giveaway for January.

As every other time all the participants were thrown in a list that was then randomized via, via the same website I pulled some numbers. For the Christmas giveaway I drew 3 numbers out of the 12 participants since we have 3 codes. The winners of that draw are:


You are required to send me a confirmation dmail with an accurate email of yours.

For the monthly giveaway I again threw all participants in a list which I randomized. Drew a number between 1 and 9. The winner of that draw is:


Please provide an accurate email, name and mailing address for your shipment in either a dmail to me or an email to [email protected]

Congratulations to the winners and thanks for participating!

All winners have until 07.01.2015 to send me the confirmations.

As a reminder - a winner for the monthly giveaway can not win another box for an year.

Congratulations once again!
Congratulations you guys! What a nice way to start the year! ;)
Congratz guys on winning.

*Sigh* I have no luck when it comes to RNG....
Thanks to all you guys.
Thanks to all the community.
Thanks to the site
and congrats the other winners
ammm what is dmail? ¿?
do i have to send you my email on konachan messages?

C4R10Z123GT said:
ammm what is dmail? ¿?
do i have to send you my email on konachan messages?
Yeah thats what dmail is "Direct Mail", through the website.
Grats m8 =D
Be sure to get some hentai-related stuff from J-list.




Congrats Carioz and Tommy \o/ (and other people I don't know =) )
Cograts Izaya, Carloz and Tommy :D
Take a few days break from the Internet and I miss things
That's why you don't take a break....
It's fine. I just did the redraw. Sorry for the delay, I'm technically away on vacation. :P

The winner for the third code of the Annual Giveaway is:

Freenight! Message me for confirmation. :)
No, don't. Give him a time limit of 30 seconds.