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[GIVEAWAY WINNER] Monthly Giveaway for February
Sorry for being so late! Exams devoured my time! X_X

As every other time all the participants were thrown in a list that was then randomized via, via the same website I pulled some numbers. Out of the 7 participants the lucky one is....


Please provide an accurate email, name and mailing address for your shipment in either a dmail to me or an email to [email protected]

Congratulations to the winner and thanks for participating!

All winners have until 22.02.2016 to send me the confirmations.

As a reminder - a winner for the monthly giveaway can not win another box for an year.

Congratulations once again!

New thread going up in a moment.
Toobad jlist doesn't give you 12 kids, Ten!
Congratulations Ten-shi