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Konachan desktop app updated
Here is my first full update after 5 years, the new version for the on-line viewer is much faster and more stable, this new version I will slowly keep adding more functions to the software.

Right now you can view the images and add a image to your collection, I have not enable it to stack tags just yet but you can search one of the tags from a image you have already loaded, you can also view, delete and open in default image viewer in the main app.

For full images you can few the last build and download post on Facebook

Facebook Post

If you have any problems there just ask and I will post the MFire link here but I would rather do it this way so you get to see images and things like that.

I am open to ideas what to include in the future, feel free to comment here and on the Facebook page.

Kingfisheranime 2 alpha ( I am still researching some fix's this is why its not a beta build as some core parts might change a lot depending on the fix.
You already created a forum topic for this desktop client here. Please keep all new posts about it in that topic.