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[GIVEAWAY WINNER] Monthly Giveaway for September (2016)

No list this month as we have only a single entry. I gave it some extra time to see if anyone else enters but I guess not. No reason not to enter unless you've won within the last year. :)


No screenshot since we had only one entry this month. Participate, guys! :)

Please provide an accurate email, name and mailing address for your shipment in either a dmail to me or an email to [email protected]

Congratulations to the winner and thanks for participating!

You have until 15/09/2016 to provide the required information.

As a reminder - a winner for the monthly giveaway can not win another box for an year.

Congratulations once again!

Anyone who hasn't received their box yet?
Didn't there used to be a notification on the posts page announcing contests? You should bring that back so the plebs who don't go into the forums know about them.
Not to sound like an ass kisser, but Cade makes a good point.
I guess I can't say I got lucky this time, but I'm still happy to have won something. :)
I'll bug Slayerduck to bring that back next month.