Konachan.com Sitepack Links ver 2.0
The Konachan sitepacks are a tradition dating back to the Imperial First Era, providing a comprehensive collection of Konachan image posts for downloading as large batches, which works as a convenience for Kona peasants and travelers from afar.

Originally maintained as an official service by the First Emperor Shuugo, it was later taken over by the Magistrate naikoto as a volunteer project.

With the end of the First Era and the migration of the old Imperial elite to unknown lands, the sitepack project laid dormant for some years until in early 2015 the noble Konaite Shaggy heeded the call to arms and took up the mantle of management for this glorious civic service once more.
Text above written by Minabi

Permission was asked to the mighty rulers of the kingdom to move the discussion about this important topic to a new location, as the old place lacked the tools needed for the proper production of the new goods that were being created, and maintenance of the ones that were left behind by the old Imperial elite.

With the rulers giving a positive answer to the request made by the new maker of the goods, his work began to keep this important task alive, and so the old workshop was left behind.....
Text above added by Shaggy

Shaggy here, at the moment I'm the user in charge of building/maintaining the site packs, these packs contain all the images uploaded to the site for a certain period of time and at the moment are updated on a biannual schedule, once at the end/beginning of each year and once around July 1st.

***Extra Info***

The packs are compressed individually, so you don't have to download all the files in order to decompress them

At the moment packs are located inside the Internet Archive site, and I'll try to get new ways for the users to download the packs (mirrors, torrent, etc), so without further ado:

Links to the internet archive: Year 2009, Year 2010, Year 2011, Year 2012, Year 2013, Year 2014, Year 2015, Year 2016, Year 2017

Enjoy! (≧∇≦)/
Thank you very much!!!
Thank you!! :3
And the moment you've been waiting for!!

The 2017 pack is up (link added to the 1st post too =3)

This site rip contains posts starting at January 2017 and finishing on July 3rd, 2017(I think), which corresponds to packs 588 up to 631 with around 12k+ posts in total.

Next update of the packs will be done around new year when the 2017 rip is finished!

Enjoy! (≧∇≦)/
thanks for your awesome service
Happy new year people!!!

The latest update to the Sitepacks is already up in the Internet Archive site inside the 2017 pack

This update consists of packs 632 up to 680 and contains around 9.5k posts that were made from around July 3rd, 2017, up to December 31st, 2017 (GMT -6)

Next update will be made around July this year, and will mean the start of the 2018 pack!

Without further ado, enjoy!! (≧∇≦)/
thank you so much
Thank you very much!!!
Please make a torrent file including the sitepack from the 09-17. It will be the perfect
Hi and thanks (a lot) for everything. Just 1 question: why 2016 pack is the only one not downloadable? there are neither the zip file nor the torrent file. Everything is locked. Thanks
ceres19 said:
Hi and thanks (a lot) for everything. Just 1 question: why 2016 pack is the only one not downloadable? there are neither the zip file nor the torrent file. Everything is locked. Thanks
I just checked on the Archive page, for some reason the collection was moved to a group of collections that require you to have an account on the Archive (and be logged in) in order to check/download the files, I have no idea why this change happened and will contact someone from the staff to have it checked and hopefully solved soon.

Thanks for pointing it out
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2017 torrent unavailable
Hello, I yesterday found that the torrent of 2017 in the Internet Archive is unavailable —— Although the torrent itself can be downloaded, it doesn't work, even if I sign up on the Internet Archive.
Still, the zip file is available so that it may be a good news. but I think that torrent is more convenience to store and allow me to easily choose which file to download.
BTW, thanks a lot for your website and your work. I love this website so much.
Will try to sort that out, I have still not gotten a response from the archive people over the previous issue....so yeah, either way will try to bring this new issue to one of the mods, will probably have to start looking for other ways to upload the packs...

Sorry for the issues n.n''
Update regarding sitepacks.

I have been trying to solve the issue with some of the previous sitepacks being inaccessible for users not registered in the archive site, still waiting for some of the mods of the site to modify the items in question in order for them to be available to everyone again.

Regarding the sitepack of this year, I haven't had time to build it, since I'm finishing my studies and working in my thesis. Will upload the pack as soon as I have some time to spare, which might be around end of this month, start of August.