I tried a macaron for the first time yesterday. Some how, I correctly anticipated the exact texture it would have.

It was a little too sweet, but it was still really good.

You feel fancy when you eat a macaron.
omg you really do tho! My mom came back from france 2 days ago and gave me macarons!
I hate sweets.
Tensa said:
I hate sweets.
What about the natural sweetness that occurs in things like fruits and honey?
I’m craving buffalo wings been a while since I craved them

Anyways I also think if someone is going thru an unhealthy food addiction that involves sugar (omg hold up just as I type this two ppl next to me talk about sugar cookies) but anywyas yea like if u addicted to cake ice cream and all that shit u can just buy clementines instead and view fruits as ur new dessert
Wonder Bread makes honey hamburger buns now and they are the best buns I've ever tasted. Like holy shit.
I tried a pineapple Fanta today. It was terrible but also...kind of good?
Cinnamon Frosted Flakes are insane. You should all try them, if you can.
I recently discovered that the reason Funyuns, Tom's fries, and Andy Capp's fries taste so fucking good is because they're made with...

So, not only is your girl a banana bread maverick, but she has also mastered the art of LASAGNA!