A lot of phases, especially catchy phrases for headlines and titles don't translate well, or loose impact even when the translation is understandable. shokugeki_no_soma, the literal translation looses much of the meaning (and the embedded pun as well) to read more.

Also Soma's catch phrase お粗末 (おそまつ, o-somatsu, which was translated as "hoped you liked it" in the anime, translates very differently, would not be understood properly by someone not steeped in Japanese culture and also has an embedded pun to read more.

Sentence length titles suck on two levels:
1) They are hard to remember.
2) They take a big bite out of the 256 character maximum file length on windows, not to mention that they are a pain to enter. So they always get abbreviated.

Waiting for the next season of shokugeki_no_soma. It was earlier announced that it would be released in this week, but now it will be this fall *sadness*.