otaku_emmy said:
I have a fetish towards wanting to physically fight a man. A man who is stronger and considerably taller than me.
Join a martial arts club! You will get the opportunity to fulfill your dreams.
Kiho said:
Join a martial arts club! You will get the opportunity to fulfill your dreams.
...Now that I think about it, do you have to sign some kind of waver or meet some kind of physical requirement before you do martial arts?
Not when I was young. But this country is getting more and more ridiculous...
Well, like, as someone who's pretty fat and who has been diagnosed with chronic spinal issues I don't know if any dojo would want me coming in and.....just getting ruined. XD

I don't wanna get tossed around anyway. The physical, sexual struggle I was referring to is more in the line of play wrasslin' or getting pinned against stuff.
It depends on what kind of back problems you have. Martial arts training will help you loose weight which always helps back and joint problems, will increase your flexibility and improve your posture - all of which will help. Talk to your doctor.

Many people, when they think of Marital arts think of Hollywood concepts. Martial arts covers a very wide range of sports. From classic wrestling, Judo to MMA to various forms of Tai Chi. A lot of course depends on what is available locally and whether you can afford lessons. If you want to learn what Martial arts really is like, there are a lot of good training videos on youtube for Judo, BJJ and grappling. I posted a relevant link in the commnet on this post #251484 of yours :)
i like thick rimmed glasses lol xD

also i have a pretty nice hypnosis fetish lol BUT IT'S UNDER CONTROL ;D