I had a dream that I was cleaning out the attic to my house; it was dusty with very little room for movement. There wasn't much up there, except for some dusty boxes. I had a friend with me to help out, but they didn't do much but stand around. Moments later, a strange man in a black suit with black hair, and sunglasses, waltzed up the attic entryway. He saw me and my friend but didn't pay any mind to us. Instead, the man walked right past me and opened up a secret entryway to another attic that was hidden above the attic I was cleaning. The man walked up into the hidden attic and rummaged around. I followed him out of curiosity, then became overwhelmed by a sense of fear, and immediately rushed back down to the original attic. Soon after, the man came down with something in his arms; it was wrapped-up in a raincoat and I could only see the bit that hung out of the bottom. There was a child's shoe worn by the leathery leg of what I assumed to be a mummified young girl. I freaked out at the sight and tried to back away, but the attic was too enclosed, so I backed into a wall. The man just walked up to me and handed over the mummified corpse. I declined the offer, but the man in the suit had vanished.
I was then in a house built around a large tree and the mummified girl was standing in front of me. My entire family stood around the tree, the creepy-corpse-girl, and me as they encouraged me to "capture her before she escaped." I was still disgusted and firghtened by this girl, but I knew I had to prevent her from leaving wherever we were. The girl didn't spare any time before she took off around the tree counter-clockwise. Naturally, I chased after her, but she was faster than I. It felt strange chasing after this gross-creepy-mummy corpse-thing until my family around me started screaming for me to "come back." I didn't know what they meant by that until I heard someone say "he (being me) disappeared." I immediately thought I was being spirited away by this mummified girl and decided to run around the tree the other way. I thought I'd be able to catch her as well as reverse my "disappearing." It worked, and I was able to catch that mummy-girl, but instead of catching her I kicked her in the face for trying to pull that off.
The dream ended before the kick connected.
I know this may sound oddly comical by how I wrote it, but I was very frightened throughout this entire dream.

If anyone would like to give their own interpretation of this dream I had, please do. I have my own thoughts about this, but I'd like some outside opinions of it.