softfang said:
I'd definitely improve the site by allowing newly uploaded images that are "pending for approval" to still be visible and editable by the uploaders on their profile page under the "Uploads" section. This allows for tag edits in case you miss one or typo or something, and to keep track of ALL uploads while you wait for approval or denial.
If you ever feel like correcting a typo on an upload that is still pending, you can always click on your pending posts displayed in the upload section, and then you can click on the post you wish to edit, and scroll down and click on the ‘edit’ button that’s on the left of the ‘response’ button, and you can edit your posts like that.

Maybe I misunderstood you though.

Also, I'd rather have notifications for removed uploads (or denied approvals) explaining WHY and possibly when they were removed/denied. It really sucks to upload a bunch of new images thinking they're super high quality and perfect for the site, only to not be able to see them on your profile anymore, or access them even in the approval stage.
This is an amazing idea. I… was thinking like maybe bots can email you when 10 posts are deleted because there are email limits (10 emails per day or sth)