otaku_emmy said:
We are not obligated to explain exactly why something wasn't approved. Many things just don't get approved within the allotted amount of time, and to avoid things getting messy they're deleted.
Why not?

I don't think just stating "3 days" is effective in improving our uploaders, because let me tell you, a LOT of me and Luna's posts are being deleted because "3 days", and because we don't know where EXACTLY we went wrong -even if it is a VERY SLIGHT wrong- becomes harder for us to improve. And if the pictures are SOLELY being deleted for 3 days, and there isn't anything technically wrong with the picture, then why delete it? I mean like as I said even if a certain thing just doesn't feel to you just let us know as well when y'all are gonna delete for the 3-day thing, or else how will we improved I believe more is merrier and it's not like a million images are here it's only like 4 or a little more that get deleted for 3 days.