Kiho said:
Wikipedia is a good place to look to find such information:

According to wikipedia, Stalker 2 was announced for a 2021 release.

However, this is a Ukrainian company.....given the state of Ukraine's economy and the prospects for a complete collapse - or serious heat up of the civil war, I would not pin my hopes on a release in 3 years.

FYI: The game is loosely based on a book by the Strugatsky brothers - famous science fiction writers from the Soviet Union. There is a movie - and it is very good, though it helps to have read the book beforehand, or at least a summary.
Well, that's a shame really but you can't rush perfection I suppose. It's funny though how new games coming out with better graphics due to more advanced technology give me hope for a better future, yet events like what is happening now in Ukraine make all of that dwindle away into nothing. Someday I hope we all learn to just love and understand each other for once without killing ourselves through senseless violence. *Sigh*...thanks by the way for the info, I'll be sure to also look into that movie and book you suggested as well.