There are some very good Russia MV, you can find the lyrics on line and put through google translate (as least for an understanding as song lyrics usually translate poorly):

This stop action anime MV is also about life and death....It looks depressing without understanding the lyrics, but it ends with the angel of death returning to lead the old man to heaven.

The reminisces of loneliness on a man's last day (yes, he is executed in the morning and the MV ends with his friends carrying his coffin....) It is b/w with really potent visuals, even without understanding the lyrics.

Something light after that:
The story is self explanatory. A group of "self important" men go to check out a private performance by an illusionist....I will say no more as not to give away the plot.

So you missed the last tram home.....
It was a bad day in St Petersberg....Drink!
  • Ленинград — В Питере - пить The band is Leningrad - The song: In Peter - Drink (vodka). No further explanation needed (Oh, the song and video is banned in Russia (on the Radio) because of the amount of profanity...and drunkenness)
A tragic ending: