ssagwp said:
Is it a possibility to have squares around an anime girl's/boy's face so that we could know who the person is that has been tagged in the illustration? It will help every new person looking at the illustration of the specific anime girl/boy that hasn't seen that girl/boy before. If anyone wants an example of it just go to a facebook photo of a group of friends where the tagged person's face has a square around the photo.

What I had in mind for konachan is that we could just hover over the tag on the left side of the illustration of the anime girl/boy and that would show the square around the anime girl/boy 's face.

This can also be really helpful for illustrations with many faces in the illustration ( for example ) . Maybe if possible the square can be a really small one so as to not obstruct the illustration too much.

P.S: I don't know if this suggestion has been put forward before or not (i did search for it but couldn't find anything).
I mean we already do have something like this? If by that you mean for example the post #219801 then well here you go :3 However when you hover over the actual tag the square portion of the designated part in the picture doesn't light up, however i don't think that's a problem as far as it tells you who the character is so you know, case closed :p