I'm sure many of us here love AMV's, (Anime Music Videos) either favorites or ones made by ourselves, so I would love you to share.

I'm very passionate about anime and AMV's are a great way to express ourselves, it is truly an art form.

I really appreciate the regular music vids and it would be lovely if we could include AMV's in this thread and support the makers.

I have made a bunch of AMV's under my You Tube name of NightAl AMV, but I also follow other makers, and many are incredible.

I'll start by sharing a few I love, as well as couple of my own:

Edited by my friend Bleeding Snow

Edited by me

Edited by my friend Petite Philosophy

Another one by me

Challenge, the first person who links an AMV to this forum topic within 24 hours, I will personally make an AMV and dedicate it to you!