minabiStrikesAgain said:
I think following through on the "will dedicate it to the first poster" claim is part of being a "man of your word" too, even if that person is who it is. >.>
Wow, I thought we were compadres. :O

I was just trying to popularize AMV's on Konachan, but it is a failed experiment. I now realize Konachan is not about anime art in general, it's an image site only, and a damn fine one at that, one of the best on the planet! I Love it!

Please forgive me for trying to bring AMV's to our collective conscience.

As for keeping my word, I can not bring myself to dedicate an AMV to anyone who would ridicule this art form, Cade's post was nothing but a cheap attempt to compromise my promise, if he doesn't like AMV's then why post? He was trying to force my position with a double bluff, fat chance, try harder next time buddy!

I was sincerely hoping that someone who shares my love of anime and AMV's would respond and have a video dedicated to them, but it was sabotaged by arguably the most cynical, arrogant, non-talented, negative member of this community.

So forget about it, if I have broken my word about a dedication, then I can easily break my word about an AMV dedicated to all Konachan members. Enough is enough!

That World isn't Interesting at all

Now let's just return to the status quo of ordinary, mass produced, corporate, big dollar, modern pop videos and disregard the independent, mostly Japanese AMV makers who, like the artists featured on Konachan charge nothing.