minabiStrikesAgain said:
I don't have a problem with AMVs (and I doubt Konachan in general has one either, though I'm unsure about that) and I'm by no means friendly towards Cade or even indifferent/ambivalent; actually I have a rather low disposition towards him.

I just think it makes sense that if you say "the first person to respond" that you understand and take into consideration the full potential of that statement. It's not wrong to hope for a specific kind of response, but it is naive to not acknowledge the possibility that your hopes will be let down and prepare for that.

Of course, you also could've said that initially with the unannounced intention to refuse to dedicate it to certain people (like him) if they were the first to respond. That would be deceptive, but I don't think deception is inherently wrong/bad. I wouldn't have said anything if you didn't also call yourself "a man of your word". But when you state that, advertising personal integrity, and then (in my opinion) contradict it in the same forum post >.>... I don't know, I guess I just thought it was worth commenting on.

I still welcome you to share more AMVs though, whether of your own creation or not. I'm not a hardcore fan of them myself, but I definitely disagree with Cade's categorical dismissiveness of an entire art form. I'm open-minded about them and will consider them individually like I do with any piece of art. And if you absolutely can't/won't create one using him as inspiration, then that just is what it is. By complaining I wasn't implying that I wouldn't appreciate or value your work on an AMV, I still would, and it would be cool to have an AMV dedicated to Konachan too. To me the music side of the "issue" and the social side are separate things.

As for being your "compadre"... To be honest I don't know you well enough to agree. I'm not your enemy though. From what I've seen, you are nice and fairly silly (which always scores points in my book), although you have a tendency to overreact. But even if I were to officially be your compadre, I would still be willing to disagree with you and/or criticize you. I don't see that as something that friends don't do with each other or that is otherwise innately hostile. ^.^
I thank you from the bottom of my heart minabiStrikesAgain for your sincere an honest comments, that is the reason I call you compadre. Yes it's been hard to renege on my word to dedicate an AMV to Cade and has caused for me a moral dilemma, but due to your wonderful words of encouragement I have decided to proceed with a new AMV and dedicate it to the Konochan community.

It's been a rough ride for me being here, heck, just understanding the rules was hard, howver I'm learning and I truly love Konachan, it has provided me with a huge amount of inspiration over the last ten years during a difficult time in my life, (growing old is not easy, we loose people and loved parents more often and I'm now 65) the fabulous images on Konachan have helped pull me through. For this I am grateful.

I found salvation in anime, making AMV's and following Konachan, these things gave me purpose and a reason to live.

Indeed, I have made several slide shows based on the art uploaded to Knonachan, long before I joined the forum:
I don't get many views but this hasn't stopped me. I never gave up believing.

I agree with you that I have a tendency to over react, much to my regret, but it is due to my passion ... or maybe I'm turning into a cranky old man LOL ... but I mean no disrespect.

otaku_emmy said:
... ... ...Sign - Susumu Hirasawa
OMG, I absolutely adore Susumu Harasawa, he is one on my favorite musicians..

I made this one based on his song Circus he Youkoso