otaku_emmy said:
I feel like he's not as popular simply because his stuff does sound so weird. A lot of people don't take to stuff that sounds like that.
I agree, I think many people don't get where he is coming from, but the man is a genius!

The brilliant anime director Satoshi Kon, maker of such amazing films as Paprika, Tokyo Godfathers recognized Hirosawas brilliance and used his music in all his anime. (sadly Satoshi Kon died in 2010 from Pancreatic Cancer and from that moment an amazing partnership ended, and unfortunately very few anime directors have used Hirosawas work ... tragic).

However Hirosawa has a cult following in Japan and has forged a very successful career, and he is just as good playing live as he is in the studio, attracting huge audiences.

Imagine being at this concert, he uses theremin's which are musical instruments played by conducting light, this is fascinating. He also clearly shows his vocal abilities, cutting edge stuff!!


Then we move on to Byakkoya one of his most moving songs using more traditional instruments

And finally his live performance of Solar Ray (which I used in my above mentioned AMV)