mattiasc02 said:

What do u think this restless energy inside of u is stemming from, eclimial? I tend to stay up and feel insomniatic when I physically feel shaky and my eyes feel like they are hyper aware or there’s a though in my mind that means a lot to me, then extrapolating on that thought and then going into tangents until I’m like fuck is five in the morning
I feel for you mattiasc02, I suffer from the same symptoms as you described. Often times I fall into bed at around midnight only to wake up an hour latter. It seems like an adrenaline rush and no matter how tired I feel I know that I will not sleep I just have to get up, turn on the PC and try to distract my buzzing mind.

I spoke to a very good psychologist and she suggested that I was suffering from bipolar disorder (or manic depression) sometimes you can't stay still, the next you feel sad for no reason.

What seems to work for me is to use the waking hours to do something creative, like make an AMV or do some digital art or watch anime or movies. Physical exercise like running does't work at all, as it makes us pumped up, yet more tired.

Don't fight it, get out of bed and occupy the mind. Try to relax in comfortable chair in front of the PC or TV, and eventually sleep will come, it may take a while, but it will happen, exhaustion will kick in.

I know it's damn frustrating but I refuse to take sleeping pills. Like you I've put up with insomnia all my life, I guess the only answer is to embrace it and get creative, many of the greatest artistic people have this condition. which tells me that somewhere deep inside in you is an artist just wanting to get out. Look deep inside, can you write, draw, play music? I think you are a potential artist mattiasc, explore the thoughts that keep you awake and express them in some art form, it doesn't matter what art it is, it's inside you. Let it out.

Hope this helps.