Searching4Something1 said:
I could use some of that right now!

Of course, I'm completely aware I could head on over to any hentai site and search nude filter, but I generally don't visit hentai sites or anything other than the forum here. Mostly because I'm really selective about the stuff that I like looking at and the ads start to become unpleasant to me. But if I use adblockers, I feel bad for not supporting the website, lol. I'm a female who likes men, but likes looking at selective female centric hentai and especially nude filters of official art and screencaps!

If that sounds stupid, I am sorry...

Anyone else who's a fan, or just wants to participate in showering me with some Nisekoi nude filters, please do! ^_^
I don't fully understand your question? Are you looking for Nisekoi nude filters? If so use the safe selection, but on the other hand if you are looking for questionable hentai Nisekoi content, then, as far as I can see, there are not a lot at this time on Konachan, the closest I could find is this Nisekoi nude

I also use an ad blocker, but it does not interfere with what I see here, and, with much respect to you, please explain your question more succinctly. However, if I'm missing your point, I leave it to a moderator, or one wiser than myself to explain it better!.