ssagwp said:
I have had Schizophrenia for the past 8 or so years and dealing with that and all the bullying i had in college was too much for me i had suicidal thoughts at one point and it was my dad who saved me from all of it. We first got me out of college (i never graduated and i am as the people here say illiterate) and i am now 26 yo and jobless and i dont have any qualifications for getting jobs or anything.
As a child in school I was bullied for a few years for having tic, I blinked my eyes very quickly, uninvoluntively and repeatedly, they called me "pisca pisca" in English something like "blinker blinker", something like this girl in the video, I don't remember a teacher doing something to help stop it, I fought at school and on the street because of this, until today I remember many people who practiced bullying I see them on the street, ironically I talk to some of them, still I made several friends who did not care about this, my father is over 40 years he has this tic until today, I thought it would also have until I get older, I took medicine and went to the psychologist a lot, it helped me a lot, today I at 19 y.o is very rare I have this.