Ohhhh I never knew Ryu got into fights! Uuuu!

When ppl poke fun at me I just don’t take it seriously. It works. I also then poke fun at them back lmaooo. I used to cry back then like in 1st grade where these 2 girls would be like “omg ur a baby blah blah blah” but I don’t know I decided to fake it and now life’s great lol.

And when somebody really IS disrespecting you, like FR fr, just tell them how it is like there’s this one girl at my school who used to bully me, but then one day I said:

“hey, I know u think ur better than everybody but u still shouldn’t treat ppl horrible just because u think ur better. Humble yourself and wake up from the delusion that ur better when in reality we are all just trying to live our lives and be happy. Oh, and by the way, I’m gwinning cuz my pimples gone, seems like proactive isn’t really doing YOU any service.”

I swear to god, right after that, she deadass CHANGED. At first she was kinda quiet and awkward around me. Now me and her are actually cool with eachother. A month ago me and her walked to a basketball game and we gossiped talked and revealed personal-ish things. During the game she even supported me all the way thru the process of asking my crush out. Me and her also talked during chem today, since my strict ass teacher wasn’t here today Looool. It’s not garuenteed that someone will actually change after u say such since obviously it’s up to them. But I don’t know I wanna influence something positive and try y’know.