Yesterday I spent about an hour killing a boss (Jackenstein) with a friend, how I hate this dlc and this boss, he gave 20k xp and doesn't drop anything worth the effort, then I went to fight the BNK3R, at first he dropped a legendary SMG, one day before he dropped one The Sham 77% after several times killing him, I can kill the bnk3r in 2~5 seconds I think, when you are downstairs, he can be on two different sides, both sides in 2 different positions, in 1 he is fixed without moving, at this time you can kill him in seconds, I'm trying to get the legendary class mod "Legendary Cat", but the tubby/chubby never drop it.

I'm wanting 2 games, Automation and BeamNG Drive, Automation because you can see how the engine works, and BeamNG Drive to have fun with the physics of the game.