otaku_emmy said:
I've said it once, and I'll say it again:

We do not owe anyone a specific reason or explanation for deletion.

Sometimes things just don't look right or "good enough" and they end up deleted. Simple as that.
Oh so the way I said this perhaps was not exactly what I've meant.

I meant change the delete reason from being "Reason: not approved for 3+ days." to something more descriptive like "Reason: bad linework" so that the next person who finds the post has a better idea why.

Because if you try to upload the image that is visually similar, konachan will say this post already exists and will not let you upload, however when you check the existent post it may be actually deleted.

But oh well if not possible due to API limitation, it's fine.

I understand that you guys are not required to give explanations, this was more of a suggestion to add the ability to update the old explanations / reasons for deletions. Just because of this being useful feature.