... We use "Not approved for 3 days" to make it clear that the post was given a chance, but no mod doing approvals saw fit to approve it.

If a post has only one fault leading to a deletion, it will normally stand out. You will probably see someone comment about it. And depending on how bad it is, the post may even be deleted instantly.

However, most posts that are deleted after 3 days have multiple minor faults. Nothing so severe that a mod would delete it on sight. But enough to prevent any mod from approving it.

When such a post is brought up for discussion in this forum, a mod may see fit to analyze it objectively and explain one or more of the reasons that prevented their approval. But doing it for every single one is a bit much.

gnarf1975 said:
I would like a little more fairness.
Fairness? If you think you're being singled out, I really doubt that's the case.

I checked your last 3 deleted posts. I would expect all 3 to be deleted.

Post #303294: Just as the deletion reason says, the artifacting is excessive. Please see the Image Quality Evaluation page. Compare your upload to our "Example of medium artifacts (This will be deleted)". Yours is worse...

Post #303376: I have no idea what yande.re's policy is, but why would that have anything to do with us? This is definitely screencap quality. The source doesn't matter in this case. The only time we let the source affect our decision is for original vs. edit. In general, we prefer the original. But, if there's a good enough reason for the edit, we'll keep it.

Post #303457: The deletion reason is not quite right. Those aren't JPEG artifacts. You applied some filter or something but that messed up many areas, especially on the character. Honestly, it looks like you downscaled the image and then used waifu2x...

The blurred or out of focus background in the original does seem a bit much. And parts of the image are better in your edit. But overall, you just lowered the quality...