2girls blonde_hair call_of_duty gray_eyes gun hat long_hair military purple_hair skirt terabyte_(rook777) thighhighs uniform weapon white

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The girl on the right would be perfect if she would trash the cruddy pro-mags and buy some quality tapco like the rest of the furniture on her gun.
Is there a male version of this?
aluacard said:
Is there a male version of this?
why would you want a male version? This is awesome as is :D
why would you want a male version? This is awesome as is :D
Not that I don't like this one, but there are just so many anime pics of girls with weapons and/or soldiers' gear... It'd be great if we could find some high quality anime pics with guys as the soldiers, as it usually would be... It's hard to find quality anime images of realistic tough guys since people prefer to look at the attractive anime female (which I fully support!). But, c'mon... I guess it's time to pick up the pencil and pen and start drawing again to voice my opinion.
It is hard to find high quality anime pics of guys as solders but girls as soldiers is way better and that's the only anime that i can draw not including girls with animal ears and wolf tails.

The girl on the right looks like a soldier version of Mizore.

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Funny that the AK has Sako style mag and not the usual steel or polymer mag :p
Well i guess they went for style i mean the gun is pimped out :-/
exelent pic the female version of spetznas & rangers from call of duty modern warfare 2.
well well well what can i do for you two ladys
tylershoulders said:
well well well what can i do for you two ladys
Ladies simultaneously: *brings up guns* Get filled with holes
oh crap on my b-day too jk i was hopeing for something eles
Which country's uniform is dress?
Damien_Isakura said:
NO i'm think it's Captain Price and beside her it's Soap'Mactavish
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