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wow epic looking anti-materiel rifle like this pic a lot :)
Look at the magazine....
You see this?
Then you know your dead.
That's what you get when you bring a gun to an anti-material rifle fight o_o
If I see this in the military, count me in!!!
Based off of that magazine id say its caliber is in the ranges of anywhere from 20-37mm 0.o Definitely made to kill armored vehicles since its got a short range trijicon ACOG optic. But as usual this one is purely fictional. I doubt their would be any way to compensate for the shear amount of recoil from such a high powered weapon.

The largest anti material rifle ive seen so far is a 20x110mm Hispano beast and that one is a usually 2 man platform. 0.0 I believe it was called the RT-20 and is made in Croatia.

Also since the gun it self lacks any more visible recoil compensator's it would imply that the fox chica is very very very strong and probably fitted with some kind of cybernetics so yea cyber foxy 4TW :D
bang bang bang! have a nice day :3
We don't have to get into how she's gonna shoot the gun, what matters is that she looks good in it.
The girl would blow away when fired.
fly1998 said:
The girl would blow away when fired.
Unlikely, I doubt you'd be equipping your kemonomimis with firearms beyond their capabilities, and I have seen girls carry weapons ten times their size before, so no, the trigger is more likely to be torn off when she pulls it than her suffering great recoil.
Phenixtri said:
Although this weapon pictured doesn't have a muzzle break, you (one man) can easily fire a 20mm rifle that does have one and it's even longer than this one. I fire my Anzo rifle all the time.

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id like them 2 make all the guns this big?!
It bears pointing out that the magazine well has 25x222 inscribed on it, which would pretty logically be the caliber {in milimeters}. Anyway, a rifle like this could be fired by one person easily -- the rounds don't have to be conventional chemical explosives. It could be a hybrid electromagnetically assisted projectile, for example, or a low-recoil gyrojet.
Animeticklesmytoes said:
I fire my Anzo rifle all the time.
Mind if I come over and shoot with you sometime? Biggest cartridge I've ever fired was a .500 S&W.
y'know... when I get kona-chan Im amazed by the images. the only thing that amazes me more is the SIGNIFICANT knowledge of weaponry people have. I get the feeling koro (among others) are retired military or just gun fanatics (no offense). in my opinion this is more of an anti-vehicle weapon ( as stated before ) and can be easily fired and deployed by our lovable cat girl here. i'd actually like to know what the numbers above the magazine mean.
ScarletMakoto said:
i'd actually like to know what the numbers above the magazine mean.
As stated above me, the numbers might be the caliber of the gun. Indicating the bullet would be 25mm by 222mm.
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