black dark final_fantasy final_fantasy_vii sword weapon

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When Cloud wandered around in his darkness, he forgot what was most important when Aeris died. She still watches over him. She'll always be with him.

That's how I interpret this picture.
I always sat and listened to the music at the menu screen and just gazed at this picture. Everything about the original Final Fantasy VII was amazing and what a perfect and appropriate picture for the start.
There are some few things wrong with this image, first one being that it looks like a screenshot/upscale because of the low image quality. The second one is, the wallpaper suffer from a bad copy paste job, which you will notice if you look at the dust in the middle or said it in an other way. The one who made this wallpaper did it with an image that wasn't width enough to be a wallpaper.
Yep, agree with mrdkreka. I used to have the original wallpaper where the sword was in the center of the image. Whoever did this extended the light ray and the background, you can tell straightaway by the abrupt edge on the bottom left. There's all these weird pixels everywhere, the sword's glare faded because of the new light overlapping it, poor cleaning job, and overall the image just doesn't look as sharp. But hey, you could just check out the link for yourself and compare.
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