building city cross gun katana original sword tekkotsu weapon

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I don't even know where to start to tell you why this picture is so awesome.
I made an account just so I could favorite this. Its really awesome, I like how the face and cross really pop out at me. The cityscape behind looks like a futuristic post apacolyptic mashup of badassery, and thats always a good thing. Someone should hire you to make concept art for games or anime or something.
Makes me think of Hellsing, love the mask, the face shows a fearless enticement
look like red hood from batman
Am i the only person who is reminded of Blame!
Reminds me of the Spiral King for some reason.
Agos said:
Reminds me of the Spiral King for some reason.
We do talk about the same "I'm gonna get out of this gunmen and finish this with my bare hands because it is still too weak for me although I just beat the hell out of Gurren Lagann with it"-Spiral King? Aside from the obvious badassery, I don't see a connection...
i like he remember me alucard
Now he looks like he is from the other side of the pumkin patch! hehe! expecually when its halloween! P.S. I love it when its halloween, you get to scare little kids ^_^
i need to use this character in my manga.... all the credit of the creation will go to you when it's hopefully out... would you accept?
The artist is not here on the site. If you have the appropriate accounts and speak JPN, you may contact him/her via:

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