accelerator aogami_pierce cendrillon fremea_seivelun frenda_seivelun fukiyose_seiri haimura_kiyotaka hamazura_shiage himegami_aisa index kinuhata_saiai kumokawa_maria kumokawa_seria last_order marian_slingeneyer misaka_mikoto mugino_shizuri panties scan shokuhou_misaki skirt takitsubo_rikou thor_(to_aru) to_aru_majutsu_no_index tsuchimikado_motoharu underwear yomikawa_aiho

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I'm gonna go and say that the girl behind Marian is Cendrillon. I don't believe anyone else from GREMLIN has that.... hair 'ornament'/headband.
I'd like to think that all the girls in the picture is part of touma's harem.
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