aircraft blue_hair breasts cleavage combat_vehicle dress feathers gloves hat kumoi_ichirin mousegirl nazrin shameimaru_aya short_hair silhouette tagme_(character) touhou u-joe weapon wings yellow_eyes

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I'm unsure about that final character; the artist didn't mention them directly, and Danbooru doesn't have them tagged. Looks to me like it could be soga_no_tojiko due to the hat, or (more likely IMO due to being an Unidentified Fantastic Object character along with nazrin and kumoi_ichirin), toramaru_shou. Toramaru wears a different hat but (as evinced by shameimaru_aya here, and in artist's other images) the artist is known to depict characters in custom outfits.

Somebody commenting on the source page, however, seems to think it's murasa_minamitsu, and the artist neither confirmed or denied that.
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