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That is not the way you hold a rifle to reload, let alone shoot it. Further, a modern cartridge would not produce smoke like that.
Shooting from within a car would be enough to deafen her for a while too...
She could be using ear plugs, but either way, that is not a 22LR cartridge. You would need to have that gun firmly held square against your shoulder and with that heavy barrel, you would definitely need a hand on that foregrip.
I would only shoot with my left arm like that if I was laying prone, as the forearm has less movement that the hand, not necessarily accurate, but cool picture regardless.
Well, if you are strong enough you can hold and shoot it like that. The question is how accurate you are going to be with such weight leaning onto your arm. If she was holding the stock with her left hand and pull it down there then it's really possible to shoot like that. Don't expect to hit much though.
Well, I was a local champion in ranged shooting with saloon rifles back in the day... I always held the rifle in a rather unique way to compensate for my extreme hyper mobility. I don't see the issue if this method works for her.

Following the book isn't always the right answer.
I know I'm late to the party here but Kiho saying thats not a .22 LR cartridge is absolutely correct. The rifle in question appears to be a variant on the Accuracy International Arctic Warfare L96 which fires the 7.62×51mm NATO round (or .308 Winchester), which is much larger than a puny .22 LR.

1 and 5 in the link.
*AWM This is a .338

I'm getting a kick out of the playboy bunnies on her socks. Adds character.
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