braids dark_skin dress flat_chest flowers gray_eyes long_hair original ponytail white_hair yoneyama_mai

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Could be but the chest/back relationship is definitely womanly. That's one rare creature if he's a lad lol.
You'd be surprised how many feminine men are out in the world. :p
No i would not lol! I'm a guy and even have a pretty slender body lol like if I really tried I could probably stand like that xD I'm not that unfeminine lol even if I'm not gay...

But chances are if you saw someone like that irl it would be safe to assume it was a really fit woman. And that's just going on chances.

The fact that I'm even arguing about it probably means the artist called it a boy lol =_=
I already checked the source. It didn't say either way.

But the reason I thought it might be a boy was because of the chest. The characters seems to have a rather well defined pectoral muscle as opposed to being just flat chested.
The artist doesn't tend towards traps so it's most likely a girl.
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