animal animal_ears ass bandage bat black_hair blonde_hair boots braids brown_hair building candy cape clouds collar cross doggirl dragon dress elbow_gloves fang fire food gloves goth-loli green_eyes group halloween hat headband horns kuroi_susumu lolita_fashion lollipop long_hair male moon multiple_tails night original pink_hair pointed_ears pumpkin red_eyes red_hair scar short_hair sky tail thighhighs tree twintails umbrella white_hair wings witch witch_hat yellow_eyes

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Does not this girl on the left have dog ears?
She does. She has a collar on too.
I had added the tag but it had been removed, so I was in doubt.
I saw the dog ears, but I untagged doggirl because IMO if the only feature of a specific type of "kemono musume" that is visible on a character is the animal_ears (and especially if enough of the character is visible to show where a tail would be and they don't have the tail or any other indicating features, although that isn't the case here), then they don't qualify for the ___girl tag.

I didn't notice the collar though. AFAIK the ___girl tags aren't 102% an exact science, I'd consider behavior/pose and worn clothing/accessories to be relevant to determining qualification as well...
We do sometimes tag for cat girls and fox girls even if they don't have a tail, Minabi.

But, yeah, the collar helped a lot. And those are def floppy doggo ears.
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