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I like the message this is sending. Or, rather, I like what the artist is trying to say.
There's some pretty brutal imagery there. Let me see if I can figure it out.

In order to avoid being pushed into the bloodbath cesspool, the woman has to conform to the postures imposed by the openings in the moving walls. Apparently a number of players didn't make it.

In the first wall (bluish) she has to endure scorn and ridicule.

The next wall is all about sexual harassment.

The wall after that has a dog in it; I can't figure out what its about.

Am I on the right track (no pun)?
Yeah. It's like a commentary on the things Japanese people (and women because of that second panel) are expected to endure, ignore, and silently accept as part of life. The Japanese have a habit of trying to pigeonhole people in to certain roles. Deviating from the path people expect of you is seen as a detriment to the whole of society. Oftentimes many of them sacrifice personal dignity and fulfillment for the sake of "honor" and family.

You tow the line and keep to yourself, and you're in the "safe zone".
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