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It ejected a full, unspent cartridge...?
Black_Rock_Shooter said:
It ejected a full, unspent cartridge...?
Designed to save on your ammo costs? LOL
Black_Rock_Shooter said:
It ejected a full, unspent cartridge...?
i guess it's the prototype gun of the infinity from borderlands.
Now this is truly an awesome autoloading pistol - fire a bullet and the gun ejects a reloaded cartridge! Now just need a way to autoload the magazine.......
I thought I heard someone (this would be long ago) complain about a semi-auto that would eject unspent cartridges instead of feeding just one in the chamber. So I got curious and did some searches to see if anyone had recorded any examples of that. Didn't find anything.

However looking at a generic design if you wear down some pieces of metal in the mechanism I see how it could happen. You fire, the spent cartridge is thrown and the next round is also thrown instead of chambered. Not sure what would happen to the round after that -- probably jam.

As I said I can't find any postings of this. More likely the artist has never fired a gun before.

Edit: did find one thread: https://thefiringline.com/forums/showthread.php?t=593996
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