Petenshi ga warau koro ni
(When Crooks Laugh)
Musunde Hiraite Rasetsu to Mukuro
Hello/How Are You
Koi wa Sensou
Monochrome Blue Sekai
Romeo and Cinderella
Just Be Friends
When the First-Love Ends
1925_(vocaloid) black_eyes blue_eyes blue_hair brown_hair dress flowers gray_hair green_hair group gumi hatsune_miku headphones japanese_clothes just_be_friends_(vocaloid) kagamine_rin kimono koi_wa_sensou_(vocaloid) long_hair mask matryoshka_(vocaloid) megurine_luka monochro_blue_sky_(vocaloid) musunde_hiraite_rasetsu_to_mukuro_(vocaloid) petenshi_ga_warau_koro_ni_(vocaloid) pink_hair red_eyes romeo_and_cinderella_(vocaloid) scarf school_uniform short_hair skirt thighhighs tie twintails underwear vocaloid when_the_first_love_ends_(vocaloid) yubikiri_(vocaloid)

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The three on the left are all Miku?
I just know Rin, Miki and miku, but the others I have no idea of who the hell they are
there is Miku, Luka, Rin, more Miku, and is the one on the far left Black Rock Shooter?
From Left to Right :

- Monochrome Infinite Bue Sky Miku (First)
- Monochrome Infinite Bue Sky Miku (Second too)
- Love Is War
- ? Rin (dont know this PV)
- ? Miku (Don't know this PV too ^^")
- 1925 Miku
- ? Miku (I suppose)
- Miku (From the PV "Hello (How Are You)")
- Miku (From "Hajimete no koi ga owaru toki")
- Miku (From a PV. Don't know which)
- Miku (From the Song "musunde hiraite rasetsu to mukuro ")
- Luka (Just Be Friends)
- Miku (Romeo And Cinderella)
- Gumi & Miku (Matryoshka)
Miku with the eye hairclip is from the Fakers song forget the full name
Those frills on the shawl of the untagged blonde make me think Nisoku Hokou/Two Breaths Walking.
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