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Nice wallpaper, but only wrong thing i see on there is that weird art line at the top of the picture. Is that part of the pic or did someone add that?
Looks like an artist border/overlay. Not the first time I've seen something like it. Though I usualyy see a matching one on the opposite edge or maybe some text in it (like an artist's signature or copyright claim.)
The original also have a border/overlay at the opposite edge, this one is just cropped in a bad way.
If that's the case, please provide a link to the full original image.
But the original is..... 6/16 of this image....
As Tensa said, the original aren't suited to be used as wallpaper, but the one who cropped this should have cut the top border too
So? That never stopped some of us from providing links to the source so people can see the original image. Provide the link as a source. I never said UPLOAD the original ^_~
Was hoping you wouldn't say that, since I haven't found the original source, only in small resolution. But here it is in a not so great quality, and cut in the wide length :P
What is the source of that image? if possible post the name of the game or anime
It's an original. It might have been inspired by something the artist saw a while ago, or it might have been just off the top of his/her head
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