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So why did I migrate?

1) The operating system where we were hosted before was obsolete (Fedora Core 4), lots of programs where outdated and couldn't be updated due to some wicked dependencies.

2) We got hacked, multiples times, tags tables disappeared quite a few times. Admin users wheren't able to log in. I don't have any idea of php so hopefully this is more secure.

3) With the help of dovac I could install danbooru on FreeBSD

4) Parent/Childs are going to be very handy to sort out small variations on Wallpapers

5) I can look for some moderators

6) Nobody gives a damn about the vbulletin (purchased software huh not nullified crap)


1) All previous images have been assigned to my user, tags could be saved thanks to MDGeist though

2) All comments lost. All users lost.

Small boorus will still run shimmie, since it's really a pain to maintain and install,,