No argument here.

You can't give chase if you don't have any legs...Bonesaws, for, the, win.
what, i still have my legs... ¬__¬ but you can't come near me with any of those!
you went off topic, too!
back in topic...
heavy metal, hair metal, industrial metal and just... metal... then cybergoth- mainly asphyxia, punk and dub...
Damn you and your accusations, I deny everything.

Am I the only metal head on Kona that also likes classical?
i forgot to mention jazz, that music is so... jivvy!
and probably!
Jazz is...ok I guess....
lol, at least it nice to see this topic runnin' fouth again, it just gets some aleatory posts...
Well, now, on topic, and to comemorate Iron Maiden tour here, that reaches my city tomorrow \o/

Satellite 15... The Final Frontier
Flight of the Icarus
Fear of the Dark
The Number of the Beast
Iron Maiden

No, you are not, I love classic as well.
Yay finally. My friend had the most amusing reaction when he found out, it consisted of him swearing like a true Scotsman. I was so proud xD
i like that song~ n__n
Yea, it's my favorite one from them ^^
Stuff sure happen here. Oh classical music sure nice to lisen to. Hmm Symphony No.9.

Star Wars also have nice orchestra songs like Imperial March

Anyway two new techno songs:
Tu and What The Fawk Is Jumpstyle (NoX Remix)

Also while I started watch Toradora! I sure like the ending song Vanilla Salt
iamZIIIM said:
Damn you and your accusations, I deny everything.

Am I the only metal head on Kona that also likes classical?
Nooo classical is awesome. It can certainly set a mood, and I love to dance on classical music.
Classic dances are so.. soo, awesome. I will certainly take dancing lessons onces I need em :p.

been listening to bring me the horizon for quite some time now, it's cool
Just went into Nier. I say the OST is awesome. Especially Popola / Devola.
KeckII said:
I hate things like jonas brothes, justin bieber n stuff ( religion, country and other too)
I totally agree with this idea, anyway (well in my opinion) I think the pure crap popular music as: lady gaga, katy perry, black eyes peace ..... all this are just pure crap that I shit on it!

Besides, I just noticed that little or no say who loved .... apart if I'm blind as usual

I have one thing to say: long live J-rock and anime and games music! >.<
Alpha Centauri
listening to this ^^

EDIT: haha, wrong link :X
Oh well, right now I'm listening to Gore Grind
Dick Grapple
Sounds Of Body Sinuses
Bonsai Bukake

Hahaha I sincerely believe that this is just meaningless noise -.- but is funny, well I prefer songs like this----> Phoenix Rising
Still one of my favorites. Snow
Or M-Flo Loves feat. JUJU.
opai said:
Still one of my favorites. Snow
Or M-Flo Loves feat. JUJU.
Hahaha Sakasama No Chou is a great song >w<!!

This also is a nice song from Jigoku Shoujo Tsukihana

But my favorite is this----> Karinui n///n
Yunocchi said:
Death industrial
O__O That song is so rare, I had never heard anything like this before o.o

Oh well, I'm listening some great songs, but I do not really like live, but this sounds great :P Bestial Invasion Live
Eternal Ban Live
Thrash 'Till Death Live
Heart of Courage - Two Steps from Hell

And damn it I just found out that XxImmortalmagexX who uploaded lots of great soundstrack and music got banned today D:
Seriously youtube sure loves to ban people... Or I should say those companies that tells to youtube to ban these people for copyright shit...
youtube's been bad ever since google started owning it...
Damn Youtube already sucks, now I'm listening some of this--> Fallen Saint, and this-->Raison 'D Etre (Female Version)
You people better pray for plagues!

Bring me the Horizon ftw.

Too keep it anime related --> Chain, back-on air gear op
Want You Gone - Portal 2 ending song:P
One reason - Deadman Wonderland opening :P