No, I was definitely not referring to Joan Crawford who was a white American actress who died in 1977

Randy Crawford (in the video I featured) is a very talented African American singer ... perhaps you should check out the video again (assuming you actually watched it)... or for clarification watch this one:

Randy Crawford - Rio De Janeiro Blue
eclimial said:
No, I was definitely not referring to Joan Crawford who was....
This is the opening scenes and song from the movie Inside Man.

If you haven't seen this movie, then you should, it's bloody fascinating! ... and one of my favorite films.

Inside Man - OP
eclimial said:
This is the opening scenes and song from the movie Inside Man.
The opening sounds like a Hindi song.

If I were to recommend a Bollywood film, it would have to be Dangal!
Kiho said:
The opening sounds like a Hindi song.
Yes your correct Kiho .. it is a Hindi song, but Inside Man is not a Bollywood movie, it was made in New York, directed by Spike Lee and staring Denzel Washington and an outstanding performance by the English actor Clive Owen, truly a magnificent movie with an amazing twist.

I don't know why they used that particular song to open and close the film as they are totally unrelated, it was maybe just to add an exotic feel, or to create an enigma, but the song did draw me in and certainly got my attention.

PS ... I haven't watched many Bollywood films, but I have seen Dangial and loved it.
DMX - X Gon' Give It To Ya

It was already a good song, but Mr. X made it better.
Bangggg Threeeeee ayyyee

otaku_emmy said:
DMX - X Gon' Give It To Ya

It was already a good song, but Mr. X made it better.
lmaooo this hitssss. What's the original?
mattiasc02 said:
lmaooo this hitssss. What's the original?
No, what? That is the original song.

I was saying the Mr. X memes from the Resident Evil 2 remake have, like, accentuated both the song itself and the character.

I guess you'd kinda have to know about the game to really get it. :p
ohhhhhhhh lmao i got no clue what resident evil 2 is
Mr. X is a Tyrant class enemy in the Resident Evil 2 remake who is sent to kill you. He's huge and terrifying, mostly because of his loud footsteps. You can't kill him with your regular weapons, so all you can really do is try to run away or hide from him. Because he has a tendency to burst through walls and doors and because he's a murdering machine, people decided to make a meme pairing the song with footage of him coming after players. Reference image

P.S. Here's an infamous glitch a speedrunner got which gave him TWO Mr. Xs.
Introducing Russian metalcore/post-hardcore band Wildways (ex-Sarah Where Is My Tea):
The Canvas
The Idols Inside Us
Бабки is slang for money so Бабкибабкибабки => moneymoneymoney
Forest Stream - The Crown Of Winter some symphonic goth-metal from Chernogolovka, Russia for you.

this used to be my fucking jam it’s literally been yEArs since I’ve listen
I know I've definitely shared this song before, but I'm in a mood and I just wanted to share it...again.

Imogen Heap - Hide and Seek

To this day it's one of only a couple songs that legitimately give me tingles all up and down my body.

And, yes, I did initially discover it through the "Dear Sister" bit from SNL.
t pain - booty work

Damn I’m so lucky I got a fat ass I shake that thing with pride
I know it's an embarrassingly late realization, but I just found out Nujabes died in a car crash and that makes me really sad.

P.S. Weezer - Hash Pipe. Feelin' it this weekend.
Does anyone know what the word "oberman" from the song "Ocean Man" could mean?
Don’t know since I never saw the video

Anerie - Forecast

Why tf did Columbia records do her so dirty like tf this should be a full ass 4 minute song like
.............................................A video has nothing to do with it but alrighty.
^Nice bass and cars. Thumbs up.

Today Youtube recommended me this MMD. Came for the dance, but stayed for the music.
Beyonce - Drunk in Love

Bishhhh and plus without Jay hinesly makes the song x10 times better
Separate Ways - Journey

Great song to rhythmically pump your fists in an alternating fashion to.